Curriculum Vitae

Luca Primon was born in 1952, in Trento, a town in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains. His love for woodworking developed from an early age working in the family business of skilled furniture makers, which went back over many generations. For some time he studied cello and double bass playing and then attended the violin making school at the "A. Boito" Conservatory in Parma, where he was taught under the guidance of Maestro Renato Scrollavezza.

He completed his studies in 1980 and was appointed to teach at the Civic Violin Making School in Milan, here he taught the construction of musical instruments of the violin family until the year 2006.

Luca attends specialist violin making courses taught by Maestro J├╝rgen von Stietencron, here he continues to broaden his knowledge and further his study of this complex and fascinating craft. He also takes part in seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other lutherie related events all over the world.

His work follows the Italian violin making tradition, using the methods of a craft handed down from Maestro to pupil over the centuries, he pays careful attention to the aesthetics of his instruments passionately taking care of every detail of the workmanship and varnish. With a commitment to his craft he searches for the finest quality of wood, which he then seasons and carefully works ensuring that his instruments have a powerful sound and a warm, rich timbre, allowing the contemporary musician freedom to express his and herself fully.

He considers violins, violas, and cellos as a work of art to be appreciated by musicians, collectors and violin making enthusiasts worldwide.